The Best Seiko Watches for under £200

The Best Seiko Watches for Under £200


Ever since the founder of Seiko watches, Kintaro Hattori, created the first ever wristwatch made in Japan in 1913, the company has been demonstrating that you don’t have be from Switzerland to make great watches. 


But can you get a great Seiko watch for under £200?


As you might have guessed from the title of the article, the answer is a definite yes. Here are a few of the best examples.


Seiko 5 SNK809K2 Automatic Watch


 This military style watch is one of the most popular Seiko watches around today coming in at a very affordable £115 on our store at the time of writing. The appeal is not just in the affordability though. 


This is an automatic watch, which of course means no batteries and you start it by swinging back and forward in a horizontal arch. Then there’s the three hands (with the seconds hand having a nice red tip) a day/date window, a 12mm thick steel case and a mineral glass window which is water resistant up to 99 feet. The 21 jewel movement is undeniably appealing as well, not to mention the fetching black nylon strap which matches the black dial itself.


If classic black isn’t your thing you can always opt for the SNK805K2 which is a very similar watch but with a green dial and matching strap, the SNK803K2 with beige dial and strap or the more striking SNK807K2 with a blue dial and strap. You might even go for the stainless steel strap SNK809K1. 


All for considerably under £200.


Seiko 5 SNZF15K1 Steel Bracelet Diver’sWatch 


Winner of the 2018 Watch Pro Awards and looking very much like some of the more expensive Diver’s Watches around (dare we say Rolex) - this little stunner will only cost you £160 on our store. 


This is an automatic, self-winding and chunky watch that is very well-built. It has a day and date display, water resistance of up to 100m/330 feet and a 41mm case diameter with a steel bracelet. The bracelet itself is actually made from pieces of single-folded steel. It also has micro adjustments at the clasp to make sure that the size is just right and a diver’s extension. Not to mention luminous hands and markers.


The display case back is a really great additional feature so that you can see all the intricate workings of your watch.


Again for under £200. 


Could you ask for much more?


Seiko 5 SNZH53K1 Steel Bracelet Diver’s Watch


We’ve gone and saved the best for last. Just like you might have expected. This watch cruises in at £155 on our store at the time of writing.


The SNZH53K1 is simply stunning with a beautiful blue dial and 60 little square teeth for grips on the edge of the bezel. We think it even looks good beside a Rolex Submariner, and it only costs a tiny fraction of the price. 


It’s also an automatic watch with luminous hands and markers which glow blue in the dark. It’s water resistant to a depth of 100m and has a 23 jewel movement. 


This Sports watch is a definite step above the normal Seiko 5 and it comes with higher water resistance, and overall better quality and movement.


There is a clear design resemblance to the very famous Blancpain Fifty Fathom which will set you back around £10,000. Yes, a frightening £10,000. 


It very much has the feel of a heritage diver’s watch and it’s one of the most affordable watches out there. 


So why haven’t you bought it already?

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