Seiko ‘Pepsi Bezel’ SKX009K2 Review

Seiko ‘Pepsi Bezel’ SKX009K2 Review


The SKX009K2 is almost the same as the SKX007K2 except that it has the very striking Pepsi bezel instead of the black bezel and black face.


That being said, it’s hard to imagine anything more distinctive in a bezel. Except perhaps bright pink. Even then not so much.


The red and blue bezel really pops.


This pepsi bezel is itself unilateral, meaning of course that it only turns one way. It is beautifully notched and made of stainless steel. 


The watch weighs in at 7.04 ounces/around 200g giving a ‘just big and heavy enough’ feel to it. It’s a hardwearing watch for everyday use.

The SKX009K2 has a 5-link stainless steel band with a fold over clasp and a safety closure. If you want to go for a rubber strap the SKX009K1 is definitely worth a look and it’s slightly cheaper too. We prefer the stainless steel bracelet because of its durability, but it’s really just down to personal preference.


To add to its charm and appeal, the watch face covering is non-reflective Hardlex Crystal which happily is shock-resistant. Hardlex crystal is actually less scratch resistant than sapphire crystal, and more hard wearing than mineral crystal.


The SXK009K2 is ISO 6425 certified making it perfect for recreational scuba diving and other water activities. This means it is certified for scuba diving up to 200m. Of course it goes almost without saying that you must always make sure to wash your watch in fresh water after being in the sea or in chlorinated water.


The SKX009K2 is easily one of Seiko’s bestselling Diver’s Watches, and it isn’t hard to see why. It would be hard to find a better watch in this price bracket. At present it is selling on Amazon UK for £247 and eBay for £236. 


Don’t take our word for it go find out for yourself.

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