Rolex Submariner Green Date 116610LV Review

Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV Review


For many Rolex is the ultimate name in luxury watches. It is not just a brand but also lifestyle, and as such functions as a status symbol, representing dreams and ideals as well as value.

This has never been truer than in the case of the Rolex Submariner model. For the purposes of this article we are going to focus on this Diver’s Watch generally and then look at our favourite variant, the Rolex Submariner 116610LV. After all, this sports watch launched a whole new series of watches, has been copied many times and still remains undeniably iconic today.


Despite the fact that Rolex watches often seem overpriced, especially in recent years, Rolex really do sell their watches in large quantities. The Submariner has easily been one of Rolex’s bestsellers for a long time, and looks to set to remain so. The mix between sports and professional is captured so well this watch stands the test of time.

The watch was introduced in 1953, initially costing only hundreds of pounds, compared to now where it often costs in and around £10,000 brand new. Even though it was designed specifically for divers, it has become a style icon for dignitaries, statesmen, and celebrities to name but a few. It was even James Bond’s watch before the switch to Omega in 1995.

The watch is basically bulletproof and waterproof, meaning you can wear it all the time without worrying about getting it damaged. The bezel also rotates so you can tell the time underwater. That is, if you actually happen to be using the watch for what it was originally designed for.

The lumed hands and indicators make it easy to read in the dark. The hour and minute hands are in a different style to make it easier to read, and the indicator for 12 o’clock has a special character so you will find it easier to mentally orient the dial if you happen to be looking at it from the side.

Some of the features that make the Sub so special and iconic include the “Mercedes Benz” hour hand and the “cyclops” magnifier which makes the date easier to read. The second hand sweeps in a very appealing way, driven by an automatic mechanical movement. The bezel rotates in one direction only allowing you to track time underwater. High end stainless steel is used for the bracelet and the case, and the dial is luminous and will glow in the dark. The crown makes for a waterproof seal because it screws down. 

Now to look at the Rolex Submariner Date 40mm Green Dial 116610LV specifically. Or as it’s popularly called, “The Hulk.”

The LV stands for “Lunette Verte” which literally means “green bezel,” signifying the main difference between it and the more classic submariners, such as the 116610.

Rolex decided to remake their classic Submariner watch by inventing a green one. It shouldn’t really have come as a surprise, the Rolex logo itself is green after all. Although this variation on the classic design produced some mixed feelings when it first debuted in 2010 this watch went on to become even more popular than its predecessors. Not to mention a personal favourite of ours.

With the Rolex Submariner 116610LV in-house caliber 3135, this “COSC certified chronometer” actually has a power reserve of 48-hours, and it’s well worth mentioning that its 40mm oyster case can handle pressure with up to 300-meters/1000 feet water resistance.

The Submariner LV also comes with a maxi dial, which means it has larger markers than the previous submariners, which have smaller indices. Also the minute hand is a little bit fatter.

The Submariner Green Dial has some nice new innovations including its patented Triplock locking system that secures the movement and locks the “oyster case” with a screw down crown as if it were actually a hatch on a submarine.

Overall it choosing between submariners probably comes down to whether you prefer a classic black or a more arresting green colour.

Green is the colour of the Rolex Submariner. For us, green is the colour of Rolex full stop.

As ever, you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Happy hunting. Or should we say diving?

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